Strip processing lines

DCC portfolio includes vertical, horizontal and L-shaped annealing furnaces to process high quality steel grades for Automotive, Industry and Construction.

Direct Firing section (DFF) with in-house LAT-HG or RAD-HG burners to operate in a Non-Ox atmosphere; RAD-MIX burners installed on flame impingement doors (vertical furnaces) to clean and heat the strip with +20% higher efficiency.

Radiant tube section to anneal the strip with TFB-REK self-reku burners into Inconel high-resistance tubes.
Slow and Rapid Cooling section with Jet impingement and stabilizing rolls.
High efficiency cooling tower with pre-cooler device, stabilizing air diffusers.

IF, HSLA, HSS, BH, Multiphase Steels (DP, TRIP, etc.) are being processed on DCC annealing furnaces.

Strip processing lines

  • Horizontal and L-shaped annealing furnaces for HDGL
  • Vertical annealing furnaces for HDGL
  • Vertical annealing furnaces for CAL