Aluminium products

Well over 80 years of experience and activities in this field establishes Danieli Olivotto Ferrè (DFO) as a major European producer of melting / holding and heating / heat treatment furnaces for aluminium flat products.

The Aluminium industry today continues to improve its performance across a wide range of thermal systems and the future of the global aluminium industry will be strongly influenced by the ability to minimize any kind of environmental impact and the proposal of solutions to some of the problems generated by CO2 emissions.

Expertise and investment in guaranteeing customer satisfaction have led to important results and innovative technological solutions in this field.

DFO offers batch or continuous furnaces for aluminium slab/ billet reheating and homogenizing;
batch (single or multi-coil) furnaces for aluminium coil/foil heat treatment.

Furnaces are designed to meet customer requirements, offering flexible production and energy efficiency.