Steel products

At Danieli Centro Combustion we are proud of our technological achievements and contribution to the steel industry; this is also on account of continuous cooperation with our customers and investments in R&D at our Research Centre.

This Centre allows testing of various combustion system prototypes for the accomplishment of significant reductions in fuel consumption, and thus any negative impact on the environment. The objective is to make highly efficient and trustworthy innovative systems available to the industry.

We offer all types of continuous reheating furnaces for steel, from design to installation (walking beam; walking hearth; pusher type; rotary hearth; roller hearth; tunnel furnaces and heated transfer tables); all batch furnaces for steel forging; batch or continuous furnaces for steel bar-wire-pipe heat treatment (in open-flame or controlled atmosphere); batch or continuous furnaces for steel plate heat treatment; bell type furnaces (100% N2 or 100% H2) respectively for steel wire or strip; continuous furnaces for strip coil HDGL, CAL or painting lines; mandrel carousel and steckel furnaces; mesh belt furnaces; screw type furnaces.