Research & development

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Danieli Centro Combustion 3D Engineering is an essential part of the Company’s development programme for the modern market. We pride ourselves in offering an all-round service where our furnaces are concerned: following through from the design phase to construction and assembly.

3D Engineering uncovers our approach to some of the challenging issues related to requests from the industry and here we give an insight into a few of our technology innovations; an important contribution, which over the years has allowed us to provide a cleaner, more functional and profitable industry.

Continued investment in this area of research plays a major role in advancing the future of our furnaces and really getting us to the heart of heat!

Below a selection of videos featuring some of our engineering skills

  3d animation of a vertical annealing furnace

vertical annealing furnace

  3d animation of a bell annealing furnace

bell annealing furnace

  timelapse video of the erection of a walking beam furnace

pre assembling wbf

  3d engineering

3d engineering

  new walking beam furnace, one of the largest in the world

slab walking beam furnace