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Hydro Mab,Italy,Danieli HYDRO MAB to take a step ahead in green steel
Hydro Mab, Italy - Dec 10 2020

Danieli HYDRO MAB to take a step ahead in green steel

Through recent decades CO2 emissions have been reduced by increasing thermal efficiency. Nowadays, the use of hydrogen in combustion processes could bring the steel industry towards full decarbonization. CFD simulations and laboratory tests led the Danieli Centro Combustion R&D team to the development of HYDRO MAB – a new hydrogen multi-air burner - as the answer for burning a natural gas/hydrogen mixture that results in further CO2 reduction. In addition to CO2 reduction, HYDRO MAB burners maintain the lowest levels of NOx emissions and the optimal flame pattern. pdf article

Polo di Savona,Italia,Centro di ricerca sulla combustione presso il Polo di Savona
Polo di Savona, Italia - Dec 04 2020

Centro di ricerca sulla combustione presso il Polo di Savona

"Ricerca, sperimentazione e impresa", per migliorare l'efficienza energetica e rendere l'industria metallurgica pesante sempre più green ed efficiente. Questo l'approccio alla base della collaborazione plueriennale tra Danieli Centro Combustion, leader mondiale nella produzione di forni per l'industria pesante, e l'Università degli Studi di Genova. Una partnership strategica volta alla formazione di quei giovani che, nelle parole di Fabrizio Pere, CEO Danieli Centro Combustion, "Ci portano le idee nuove, che portano spirito e voglia di fare", i quali possono poi ambire a trocini, borse di studio o assunzioni." Attraverso lo sviluppo di nuove tecnologie e di nuovi approcci per una metallurgia più ecologica, la sinergia tra l'ateneo e Danieli è la conferma di una visione lungimirante, che vuole fare crescere gli studenti di oggi per trovare le soluzioni di domani. Link della trasmissione: Il servizio del TGR Liguria pdf article

ATAKAÅž PLANTS STARTUP, Turkey - May 15 2020


The plant is based on Danieli Olivotto Ferrè technology for recrystallization annealing of coiled strip in 100% hydrogen atmosphere. Turkish steelmaker Atakaş released the final acceptance for six bell annealing furnaces in operation at Iskenderun. The supply consisted of the addition of six new bases (three furnace bells and three cooling bells) to the existing BAF eight-base line installed and started-up by Danieli in 2018, along with the complete cold-strip complex. The upgraded facility now is capable of processing prime-quality annealed sheet products of cold-rolled carbon steel for the general and automotive markets – CQ, DQ, DDQ and EDDQ quality, according to the related international standards. Maximum diameter of coils is 2,000 mm, with strip thickness ranging from 0.3 up to 2.0 mm. Up to five coils (100 tons) are charged on the treatment base, which is enclosed by a stainless steel inner cover that maintains a perfectly sealed working atmosphere. The working atmosphere is purged with nitrogen, then filled with hydrogen, which is used to speed up heating and cooling times, to protect coil surface from oxidizing and to ensure brightness. A heating bell is positioned on the base to start the heating and soaking phase of the cycle, reaching the metallurgical transformation temperature (up to 750 °C) with +/- 10°C uniformity. The heating bell is removed with the crane and a dedicated cooling bell is then placed over the inner cover to reduce the cooling time to the minimum, maximizing the production rate. At the end of cycle (typically 35/40 hours in total) the treated coil features perfect mechanical/metallurgical properties, homogeneous between surface and coil center. All process parameters, as well as safety functions, are managed by Danieli Automation control system. Contractual performances including consumption and emissions were achieved. Erection and commissioning phases have been optimized so that the plant stoppage for the integration of the new bases was reduced to two weeks. For more info: Alessandro Venanzini +393429064674 pdf article

Interview with Fabrizio Pere,Italy,Danieli bets on the region of Liguria
Interview with Fabrizio Pere, Italy - May 08 2020

Danieli bets on the region of Liguria

A silent but solid relationship which reflects the characters of the two regions and appears destined to become stronger in these challenging times. This is a relationship between the Friulan plant maker Danieli and the region of Liguria. It was back in 2000 when the corporation from the province of Udine decided to move its operational furnace segment to Liguria, in one of Europe’s steelmaking capitals, while keeping its offices in Milan and opening other offices in Pune, India and in Turin through the acquisition of Olivotto Ferrè. “Today from Genoa our engineers export Italian technology all over the world. We have a product portfolio full of offers that range from furnaces for rolling mills to heat treatment furnaces to process both steel and aluminum”, explains Fabrizio Pere. Almost all employees and operational headquarters of Danieli Centro Combustion are located in Genoa rom where Mr. Pere coordinates the work of 200 people (125 in Italy, 75 in India) who operate on international markets for reheating and heat treatment furnaces for the steel and ferrous materials industry. “This is thanks to a very strong relationship with the territory – says Pere – In Genoa, with the support of an important research and experimentation center set up on the University Campus of Savona, we design and manufacture cutting-edge plants for the thermal industry. In Savona, again with the help of the Faculty of Engineering, we are studying how to improve combustion efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of the plants that we will be offering our customers all over the world”. We are seeking an increasingly effective collaboration with the University of Genoa, not only in the field of research and development but also in terms of finding excellent resources for training courses, curricular and post-curricular internships together with our Academy, starting with the last-year students of specialized technical institutes”. “We want to take advantage of our international experience by sustaining the local economic and productive system. First and foremost to provide the company with a guarantee of continuous development in the territory ”. In Genoa, the Friulan group is also present in the area of Genova Campi, employing 70 people at Danieli Automation and Danieli Telerobot. pdf article

Low-Polluting Furnaces,Genoa,Low-Polluting Furnaces: The Steel Industry is Going Green
Low-Polluting Furnaces, Genoa - Feb 26 2019

Low-Polluting Furnaces: The Steel Industry is Going Green

At the Danieli Centro Combustion’s laboratory of Legino dedicated to the study of steel processing they believe in the importance of continued testing. And they have also believed in the university campus to the point of basing their research and development center in the university of Savona, where they study how to improve products while reducing the environmental impact. These are the engineers of Danieli Centro Combustion, one of the leading companies in the field of reheating furnaces and heat treatments for steel and non-ferrous metals. The models designed in the Genoa office and tested in Savona university campus are prototypes of the innovations to be launched onto the market of North and South America, East Europe, Russia, as well as China, Thailand and Malaysia. This creates an indirect link between Savona and the rest of the world, passing through India and the Danieli Mumbai facility. “The relationship with research and university is essential – says Enrico Mozzi, CTO (chief technical officer), member of the Board of Directors and Head of the Danieli Research Department – We have always maintained a privileged relationship with the University of Genoa, because of the specific competence it has in this field. Since 2012, with the opening of the Savona Campus research center, this collaboration has become increasingly intense. In a time span of seven years, we have invested in this center which has developed from one single research furnace into a plant equipped with four furnaces controlled by one centralized system which collects and manages all the data.” Three engineers work in the laboratory, often co-operating with university teachers or students involved in internship programs. It is therefore an important opportunity for the Campus students who, in the Savona center, can gain work experience with a leading company in what could eventually become their future job after graduation. “In the Savona center – says Mozzi – we study how to improve burners and how to reduce their polluting emissions, also in relation to the increasingly stringent requirements imposed by the relevant legislation”. This center offers plenty of opportunities for carrying out projects and research jointly with the university “close to home.” Danieli Centro Combustion is a company with a well-rooted history. It was established near Milan in the early 1990s. In 2000, during a strong renewal period, it moved its operational center to Genoa, a city with a very long steel-making tradition. DCC has grown constantly, passing from 25 to around 100-million-euro turnover. It counts approximately 200 employees in its various offices of Cinisello Balsamo, Genoa, Turin and Pune (India), who work in close cooperation with the rest of the Danieli Group. In this period, in the laboratory of Savona we are working on the study of a naked flame burner for a horizontal furnace intended for a steel strip galvanizing line to be installed in Russia. We have also other experimental models ready for testing in the Campus laboratory.” Because research plays an essential role – concludes Mozzi – not only to stay ahead, but also to allow the company to measure itself against its international competitors. pdf article

JSW orders the third reheating furnace,India,JSW Steel orders the third reheating furnace
JSW orders the third reheating furnace, India - Sep 10 2018

JSW Steel orders the third reheating furnace

This is the third reheating furnace supplied to JSW Steel, which, once again, confirms its trust in Danieli. JSW Steel has ordered a new 220 tph walking beam furnace for its Wire Rod Mill #2 in Vijayanagar-Tornagallu, Karnataka state, India. The new reheating furnace will process mostly special steels like low-alloy, high-carbon, free-cutting steel, etc. which will be transformed into 1.2 Mtpy of wire and rods ranging from 5.5 to 25 mm and coils up to 2.5 t. The scope of supply includes design, mechanical and electrical equipment, advisory services for erection and commissioning. Optimum (reheating process) combustion management will be achieved through MAB -Multi Air Staging Burner flameless technology managed in the PHL-Proportional High Low mode. The furnace will be equipped with L1 and L2 automation system, and will be operated, based on Danieli Automation and Danieli Centro Combustion furnace thermal process and billet handling, in complete auto mode, with integration of upstream and downstream facilities. The first hot billet is planned by third quarter of 2019. As JSW's technology partner in reheating furnaces, Danieli was entrusted for third reheating furnace in a row. pdf article

Severstal Cherepovets,Russia,Coal test oven for Severstal Cherepovets, Russia
Severstal Cherepovets, Russia - Aug 21 2018

Coal test oven for Severstal Cherepovets, Russia

Pao Severstal has selected Danieli Centro Combustion for the supply of a new coal test oven to be installed in the coke sinter BF shop. The aim of the new facility is to carry out semi-industrial tests with different coal burdens in order to determine the optimum parameters for coking processes and to evaluate new coal blends for OpEx optimization. Danieli Centro Combustion will engineer the 400-t test oven, gas treatment section and post-combustion system, supplying all mechanical, electrical, automation equipment and laboratory ancillaries. Technical assistance during erection and commissioning will complete the scope of work. Among the main technical characteristics to be noted are the stamp charging process and coke dry quenching system. Coke oven gas is carefully treated through a scrubber, cyclone, and tar separator, and safely burnt by a post-combustion system. This way, the emissions are drastically reduced within the most stringent standards. pdf article

Research and business,Italy,Research and business
Research and business, Italy - Jun 21 2018

Research and business

A hotbed of experiments and research: This is the ideal word to define Danieli Centro Combustion’s R&D center for combustion systems, located on the Campus in the city of Savona. This is where, once again, research, experimentation and business come together. “Here, surrounded by young people, there is ample room for growth”. A hotbed of experiments and research: This is the ideal word to define Danieli Centro Combustion’s R&D center for combustion systems, located on the Campus in the city of Savona. This is where, once again, research, experimentation and business come together. A hotbed - and this should rightly be noted - of ideas and prototypes. But also a model shop, where once the models have been checked and prepared, they are launched into production and then onto the market, as part of one of the most well-known industrial brands in Italy that is exported all over the world (exports account for more than 90%): Daniel, which specifically selected Savona and its university for the purpose of experimentation. “Why the Savona Campus? Because it is the ideal location to conduct research – explains the Vice-President of Danieli Combustion - Matteo Giacomo Ricci – “We have been here since 2012 and have found the perfect area in which to combine experimentation, technology and sufficient space. In addition to the enthusiasm of the young students and engineers that are connected with the Campus.” This is the turning point that creates a link between the workplace with the university, providing significant opportunities for youths. “We are constantly searching for new talent” says Ricci. We seek young university students who are about to graduate, and ready for an apprenticeship and a training experience with us. These are very important opportunities for the future which, in some cases, while the students are actually preparing their degree theses, can become starting points for research doctorates, and perhaps in the future, can turn into actual jobs. The University of Genoa and the Campus “turn out” highly knowledgeable engineers. I have ascertained that more than 50% of them are better than average. But some shortcomings were noticed with regard to practical skills: concrete experience. And this is why for years now I have been urging the Campus youths to: seize any opportunity to experience the reality of industry and of the workplace. Danieli’s doors are open.” It is no coincidence that the two employees of the experimentation center in the hangar of Legino are former Campus students. Matteo Mazza, head of the laboratory, and Giovanni Carozzo, specialist in thermo-fluid dynamic simulations. “Danieli – says Ricci- manufactures furnaces for heavy industry. High temperatures to melt metals from steel to aluminum. Here we have four furnaces where we are experimenting on new burners with new features: greater resistance, less pollution, and less consumption. Simulations, tests, prototypes and then, once a significant result has been reached, we begin to produce them”. The product, which is supplied to every corner of the world, is created right here in Savona. An opportunity the students should take advantage of. pdf article

OEMK, Russia,Russia,Danieli heat treatment complex for OEMK, Russia
OEMK, Russia, Russia - Jun 11 2018

Danieli heat treatment complex for OEMK, Russia

Oskol Electrometalurgical Kombinat - OEMK, part of Metalloinvest Holding, has selected Danieli Centro Combustion for the supply of a new heat treatment complex to process hot-rolled bars for mechanical engineering applications (e.g., spring steel, bearing steel, non-alloyed/alloyed structural steel, high-strength steel). The complex, which will process 70,000 tpy of bars ranging from 19 to 90 mm in diameter and 3 to 12 m in length, will be erected in Stary Oskol, Belgorod Region, Russia. Five different types of heat treatment -isothermal annealing (standard and pendular), spheroidizing annealing, high-temperature tempering, and under annealing- will be performed. Among the technology highlights will be two continuous roller-hearth furnaces equipped with a high-efficiency heating system working in protective atmosphere (nitrogen), subsequent fast and controlled cooling, and automatic bar loading/unloading handling systems, starting from the multi-layer composition until the final bundling in hexagonal shape. Danieli Automation process control system will manage the line in fully automated mode, and linked to the shop’s upper level automation systems. The contract signing ceremony was held during the 16th Moscow Steel Summit “Russian Steel & Global Market: future begins today” on May 5th and attended by representatives form Danieli: Chairman Gianpietro Benedetti, CEO Giacomo Mareschi, CEO of Danieli Centro Combustion Fabrizio Pere and Executive Director and CEO of Metalloinvest LLC. Andrey Varichev. The first batch is planned by Q4 of 2019. For more info: Fabrizio Milanolo +39 011 2633 566 pdf article

Arcelormittal ,Germany,Arcelormittal  chooses ultra-low NOx burner technology
Arcelormittal , Germany - Mar 06 2018

Arcelormittal chooses ultra-low NOx burner technology

ArcelorMittal Hamburg has chosen the low-emission, low-consumption and high quality performances guaranteed by the combination of Danieli Centro Combustion furnace and Danieli Automation optimization model. The furnace, designed for safe and reliable operation, will have an innovative thermal profile that achieves optimum heating efficiency thanks to improved convective heat exchange in the unfired zone and reduced environmental impact thanks to DCC proprietary flameless burners. This state-of-the-art furnace, coupled with the fully automatic control logic of the combustion system, will allow the most flexible reheating practices to match the production mix requirements for low and medium carbon , bearing , spring and cold heading steel. During next year shutdown period, the existing mill will be connected to the new furnace; this upgrade will allow to increase the weight of the coil to 2 tonnes and will improve both productivity and efficiency of the special steel wire rod mill at ArcelorMittal Hamburg. Danieli Centro Combustion’s new installation in Germany will become the benchmark for quality and operational costs in long product heating systems. For more info Alessandro Venanzini +39 342 906 4674 pdf article

DILER,Turkey,Diler relies on Danieli heat-treatment technology
DILER, Turkey - Apr 03 2017

Diler relies on Danieli heat-treatment technology

Danieli Olivotto Ferré to supply new bell-type plant for quality and flexibility in annealing wire rod coils. Diler Iron and Steel Industry and Trade Inc., a part of Diler Holding, has ordered a new bell-type annealing plant from Danieli Olivotto Ferrè, for heat treating coils in a protective atmosphere. This new plant, which will be installed in at Dilovası, Kocaeli (Turkey), is designed mainly for spheroidizing annealing of wire rod coils with outside diameters ranging from 1,250 to 1,400 mm, wire diameters from 4.5 to 27 mm, and will accommodate charges stacked up to 1,900 mm high (for reference, charge weights will range from 1,650 to 2,350 kg). pdf article

Combustion Research Centre ,Italy,Enhancing R&D to keep ahead of competition
Combustion Research Centre , Italy - Mar 20 2017

Enhancing R&D to keep ahead of competition

The extensive product portfolio supplied by DCC now includes reheating furnaces, heat-treating furnaces, continuous and static furnaces, free-flame and controlled atmosphere furnaces, etc. This accommodates investigations into a wide range of combustion plants and burners; for this reason DCC created the Combustion Research Centre (CRC) and quickly launched the first phase of tests. Soon, excel¬lent results had been achieved on burners for reheating furnaces; it also made it possible to extend the company’s furnace portfolio. In 2016 new furnaces were introduced into the CRC, which further enriched the company’s range of activities. pdf article

BMZ,Belarus,Right Heat at the Right Time
BMZ, Belarus - Mar 17 2017

Right Heat at the Right Time

Belarusian Steel Works (BMZ) in Zhlobin is a leading producer of carbon and special steel bars and wire rod for the automotive, bearings, and mechanical industry markets, operates a 700,000-tpy Danieli rolling mill for special engineering steels. It is one of the most modern plants of this kind, with heating and heat treatment facilities: five offline heat treatment furnaces and a walking-beam furnace have been designed and supplied by Danieli Olivotto Ferrè and Danieli Centro Combustion. pdf article

Southern Tube LLC (STL),USA,Pursuing increased capacity and higher product quality
Southern Tube LLC (STL), USA - Mar 09 2017

Pursuing increased capacity and higher product quality

Southern Tube LLC (STL), a leading U.S. seamless finished tube supplier commissioned Danieli Centro Combustion (DCC) to engineer and manufacture a tempering furnace, for installation at its Houston, TX, operation. The new equipment will make possible substantial increases in productivity and quality for the product exiting the heat-treatment line. Normal operation of the heat-treatment line foresees the tube quenching process in the existing furnace and quenching devices, and the tempering process in a combination of existing and new equipment. pdf article

Tenaris Tamsa,Mexico, Tenaris Tamsa demonstrates its new bright ideas
Tenaris Tamsa, Mexico - Feb 15 2017

Tenaris Tamsa demonstrates its new bright ideas

A new heat-treatment furnace will be installed at the Veracruz, Mexico, operation for bright annealing of carbon steel tubes in protective atmosphere. In July 2016, Tenaris Tamsa, one of the largest suppliers of tubes to the global energy industry, ordered a Danieli Olivotto Ferré (DFO) roller-hearth furnace to perform different treatments, such as normalizing and tempering, on up to 24,000 tpy of tubes in a wide range of diameters (15 to 120 mm), lengths (3 to 16 m), and steel grades. pdf article

Çemtas,Turkey,Modern Heating Systems at Çemtas, Turkey
Çemtas, Turkey - Sep 15 2016

Modern Heating Systems at Çemtas, Turkey

Çemtas Çelik awarded two contracts to Danieli Centro Combustion; the first concerning the revamp of a 50-tph walking-hearth reheating furnace; and the second for a new heat treating complex for rolled bars. Çemtas is a major supplier of alloyed steel bars in Turkey. Around 70% of its products are exported to the European automotive industry. pdf article

ARCELOR MITTAL ,BELGIUM,Cal Vertical Furnace Revamping

Cal Vertical Furnace Revamping

Excellent lead-time: seven months to execute the project — on a turnkey basis from contract signing to startup. The main purposes for revamping the Continuous Vertical Annealing Furnace for tin plate (Line DRC1), located in the plant of Tilleur are: — Increase of the furnace production for 700°C thermal cycle (from 42 to 52 tph). — Implementation of new thermal cycles (up to 820°C). — Improve thermal efficiency (average consumption ≤ 0,8 GJ/t). — Lower NOx emissions (< 400 mg/Nm3 with 3% O2 in the waste gas). — Future increased strip speed, from 490 to 560 mpm. — Improve overall availability of the equip¬ment. pdf article

ASCOMETAL LES DUNES,FRANCE,Heat Treatment Furnace for special steels

Heat Treatment Furnace for special steels

Ascometal, the European market leader for specialty steel long products for the automotive, bearing, spring, oil-and-gas and mechanical applications, placed an order with Danieli Olivotto Ferrè (DFO) in September 2014 for a revamp of the bar heat treatment plant at Les Dunes. The request was to install a new furnace quickly -while maintaining the high perfor¬mance standards and quality of equipment- in a complex already operating two other fur¬naces supplied by DFO. pdf article

GERDAU CORSA,MEXICO,Danieli Centro Combustion 180-tph Walking Beam superflexible

Danieli Centro Combustion 180-tph Walking Beam superflexible

Considering the wide range of entry products to be processed, respective differences in heating quality and strategy needed to be taken into account and matched with the high flexibility of the furnace where both the combustion and the handling systems were concerned. This resulted in a high-performance furnace capable of homogeneously heating up billets, small blooms and beam blanks and processing them both in single and double lines. pdf article

POSCO SS VINA,VIETNAM,90-tph Walking-Beam furnace commissioned

90-tph Walking-Beam furnace commissioned

As part of the 1.0-Mtpy Danieli minimill, Danieli Centro Combustion supplied two walking-beam furnaces, one for the rebar mill and one for the heavysection mill, both designed with state-of-the-art regenerative burner combustion. Regenerative burners function in the cyclic mode, alternating from burner mode to aspiration mode, in which fumes from combustion are drawn toward the regenerator case. Flue gas heat is stored in special spheres of ceramic material and released in the following cycle during combustion air flow. pdf article

FERRIERE NORD,ITALY,New Charging table enhances productivity

New Charging table enhances productivity

Only six months from order to startup. The additional charging table supplied to Ferriere Nord on a turnkey basis will make it possible to optimize the hot-charging route in the wire rod mill’s reheating furnace. The new table and the existing hot-charge table feed the same charging roller way. pdf article

ARCELOR MITTAL, STEELTON (PA),USA,180-tph Walking-Beam furnace starts production

180-tph Walking-Beam furnace starts production

A solid example of project execution capability: installation commenced in April 2014 and cold tests began in October. The first bloom was rolled at the mill on January 16, 2015, and normal production of high-quality rails started after only 15 days. The furnace installed at Steelton, one of only three rail producers in North and South America, processes low-, medium-, and high-grade steel blooms with widths ranging from 600x 370 mm and lengths of 4,400 mm and billets ranging from 310x370 mm with a maximum length of 8,840 mm. pdf article

ARCELOR MITTAL, KRAKOW,POLAND,2.4-MTPY Jumbo Walking-Beam furnace

2.4-MTPY Jumbo Walking-Beam furnace

Danieli Centro Combustion will supply the furnace for Europe’s most recent hot strip mill, working on a turnkey basis, from contract date to first hot slab in just 17 months. Civil works, and auxiliaries such as a hydraulics station, water treatment plant, charging and discharging roller ways to connect the new furnace to the furnaces already in operation, electrics and integrated Level 1 and Level 2 automation systems are an integral part of the turnkey supply. pdf article

Aceros ,Guatemala,Provisional Acceptance for a pusher-type furnace
Aceros , Guatemala - Dec 10 2014

Provisional Acceptance for a pusher-type furnace

In July 2013 Danieli Centro Combustion finished installing the new, 40-tph pusher type reheating furnace at Sidegua (Aceros de Guatemala, part of Gerdau Group), and hot tests commenced. 130x130x6,000-mm billets were charged, heated, and discharged successfully from the furnace, according to expectations. pdf article

Gurgaon,India,Danieli Centro Combustion Symposium
Gurgaon, India - Oct 15 2014

Danieli Centro Combustion Symposium

This event at Hotel Leela Ambience in Gurgaon, March 4-5, 2014 was a success thanks to overwhelming participation by major companies and consultants involved with India’s steel and aluminum industries. The two-day symposium opened on March 4, 2014, with an evening dedicated to networking followed by entertainment and a Gala dinner. The entire schedule for March 5 was dedicated to presentations, and introduced DCC’s patented technological achievements, research & development for leading ferrous and nonferrous industry professionals, and also reputed consultants in India. Watch the Danieli Centro Combustion's CEO's interview pdf article

Egyptalum,Egypt,DFO heating facilities for aluminum
Egyptalum, Egypt - Sep 10 2014

DFO heating facilities for aluminum

Egyptalum chose Danieli Olivotto Ferrè to modernize a continuous pusher furnace for slab reheating, plus two batch furnaces for coil annealing, at the Nag Hammadi plant. Egyptalum was founded in 1972, and is well known as one of the most strategic developments in the country. pdf article

 Nanshan Aluminium,P.R. OF CHINA,Heating furnaces for specialty alloy aerospace for
Nanshan Aluminium, P.R. OF CHINA - Aug 13 2014

Heating furnaces for specialty alloy aerospace for

This prestigious order, awarded in the first quarter of this year, and after lengthy negotiations that involved major international competitors, is a significant achievement for the recently established China branch of Danieli Centro Combustion, also considering the client’s standing and the strategic importance of the equipment to be supplied. pdf article

Belo Horizonte,BRAZIL,New Preheating Furnace for heating / soaking
Belo Horizonte, BRAZIL - May 14 2014

New Preheating Furnace for heating / soaking

In November 2011, Vallourec Tubos do Brasil placed an order with Danieli Centro Combustion in consortium with the Brazilian company Interfor, to supply, install and commission a preheating furnace for austenitizing (PHF), and a soaking furnace for tempering (SF) for their plant at Barreiro (MG). pdf article

Turin,Italy,Olivotto Ferrè joins the Danieli Group
Turin, Italy - Oct 31 2013

Olivotto Ferrè joins the Danieli Group

The takeover agreement was signed on June 15, 2012. Olivotto Ferrè is a widely recognized, leading specialist in industrial heating and heat treatment facilitieswith protective atmospheres, for both the ferrous and non-ferrosu metals. The combined capabilities of Danieli Centro Combustion and Olivotto Ferrè will extend the range of equipment and services offered to make what may be considered unparalleled expertise in this particular market sector. pdf article

Acciaierie Arvedi,ITALY,Final acceptance for hot-dip galvanizing line
Acciaierie Arvedi, ITALY - Jul 11 2013

Final acceptance for hot-dip galvanizing line

This is the third Danieli galvanizing line supplied to Arvedi since 2000. Thanks to a valuable collaboration between the project teams, the line reached its full availability and productivity in advance of the agreed Learning Curve, leading to the release of the Final Acceptance Certificate on June, 2013 for the entire Cremona Cold Mill Complex. pdf article

ArcelorMittal Fos-sur-Mer,France,Halving NOx emissions
ArcelorMittal Fos-sur-Mer, France - Jun 12 2013

Halving NOx emissions

After replacing the burners (26 radiant and 6 lateral) in two combustion zones of the 350-tph No. 2 Walking Beam Furnace, the measured furnace emission dropped by more than 50%. The succesful performance of the burners in Danieli Centro Combustion's R&D Test Facility using COG to reproduce industrial operating conditions allowed for consequent testingond site and, under the same operating conditions, measured furnace emissions dropped by more than 50%. pdf article

Acciaierie Marcegaglia,Italy,Strip annealing horizontal furnace upgrade
Acciaierie Marcegaglia, Italy - May 06 2013

Strip annealing horizontal furnace upgrade

Production resume at the Marcegaglia ZIN4 hot-dip galvanizing line on January 22, 2013 after the programmed shut down, essential to complete the upgrade of the horizontal annealing furnace, begun in September 2012. The customer’s dual requests for both improved plant production capacity and the option of producing special steel grades were fulfilled. pdf article

ALRO plant (Vimetco Group),Romania,Custom furnace
ALRO plant (Vimetco Group), Romania - Apr 09 2013

Custom furnace

Danieli Olivotto Ferrè is a leading specialist in industrial heat-treatment facilities for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The company’s long experience enables it to design and manufacture any type of pit, pusher, and batch furnaces for reheating and homogenizing of aluminium slabs. pdf article

Hadeed,Saudi Arabia,New gen ultra-low NOx Walking Hearth furnace
Hadeed, Saudi Arabia - Mar 06 2013

New gen ultra-low NOx Walking Hearth furnace

Limitations to NOx concentrations in exhaust fumes established by national and international regulations impose a requirement for substantial redesign of new burners. The challenge is to achieve optimal efficiency and at the same time to ensure that emissions produced remain within the set restrictions. Danieli Centro Combustion accomplished this task in its development of the reheating furnace for Hadeed’s new wire rod mill. pdf article

savona,ITALY,New Research and Development Center for combustion systems
savona, ITALY - Nov 01 2012

New Research and Development Center for combustion systems

The Danieli Group unveils the new Research and Experimentation center for combustion systems, established in association with Genoa University, Polytechnic of Engineering, at the Campus in Savona. pdf article