Direct firing burners

Danieli Centro Combustion has a complete range of direct firing burners to cover a wide variety of applications; reheating furnaces, processing lines, pipe reheating and heat treating furnaces.

Our collection of burners includes diffusive flame, high-speed, flat flame and self-recuperative burners, all are equipped with rated thermal capacities ranging from 60 kW to 5000 kW.

DCC Burners also respect the most stringent and mandatory requirements in place today concerning emissions into the environment. Burners are customized in order to be consistent with the fuel used and the design of the furnace; flame or “flameless-on-demand” technology is available.

Direct firing burners are used in order to achieve maximum efficiency in reheating furnace heat transfer and thermal treatment. Feedstock is heated by convection, irradiation and thermal conduction in the shortest possible time-frame and with maximum temperature uniformity.

Loads are in fact lapped by hot fumes produced by the burners and heated by flame and wall irradiation. Thermal uniformity is guaranteed by the penetration of heat in the load through the principles of conduction.